PopCandy.com really likes Heavy Metal In Baghdad


usa today's pop culture blog
usa today's pop culture blog

Early buzz:

Morning, all! Hope you’re loving this four-day week as much as I am … Last night I ate some grilled swordfish and watched Heavy Metal in Baghdad, a cool documentary about the only heavy-metal band in (of course) Baghdad. It was really incredible to see a) the power of music bringing these guys together in a war zone; b) how difficult it was to organize a concert when security monitors your every move; and c) so many Iraqi kids getting an much-needed release from Metallica and Guns N’ Roses covers. They aren’t allowed to grow their hair long, so sometimes a Slayer T-shirt is as rebellious as it gets.

Anyway, the movie comes out on DVD June 10, if you wanna add it to your rental queue.


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