Confessions Review in NY Daily News

NY Daily News

Movie Review


3 stars

Film by Matt Ogens
Film by Matt Ogens

Chronicle of several celebrity impersonators in Hollywood. At the Pioneer (1:32). NR: Mature themes.

One of the great things about living in this city is the constant potential for new discoveries. You’ve just found one of this week’s hidden treasures.

Documentaries about obsessive eccentrics are becoming increasingly common, but rarely are they as affecting as Matthew Ogens’ chronicle of four celebrity impersonators who can’t decide if they are living their dreams or watching them dashed.

These aspiring actors spend their days dressed as superheroes, posing cheerfully for pictures on Hollywood Blvd. At night they go home to tiny apartments that are either starkly empty or cluttered to the point of suffocation. Homelessness, addiction, humiliation and fear are among the demons they fight while looking for better lives or, at least, meaning within the ones they already have.  – Elizabeth Weitzman


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