Miami Herald Reviews “Never Forever”

The Miami Herald

Reviews of recent and upcoming DVD releases
Posted on Tue, Jul. 15, 2008

“Never Forever” (R, 2007, Hart Sharp)

Try though they have, Sophie (Vera Farmiga) and Andrew (David Lee McInnis) cannot seem to conceive a child. But a chance encounter at a fertility clinic with a down-on-his-luck immigrant (Jung-woo Ha) – who, like her husband, is Korean – leads to an arrangement: She pays him a flat fee per “encounter,” and a considerably higher amount once he impregnates her. What could go wrong there? You know, besides everything? “Never Forever” is, simply as a matter of course, at least partially predictable: You know something is going to go awry here, because there would be no need for a movie if Sophie’s plan resulted in nothing but 90 minutes of smooth sailing. Fortunately, as it needs to, “Forever” isn’t entirely reliant on the basics of its narrative. Far and away, the film places a premium on the development of its three lead characters, and it does that more by showing than telling. That leads to some arguably hammy moments that lend an air of soapiness to the production. But “Forever” never lets that excess get out of hand, and its ability to restrain but never entangle that intensity gives those inevitable turns a much greater sense of impact than a safer movie might have left.

Extras: Two behind-the-scenes features, photo gallery.


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