Giant Magazine “The Caller”

In Theatres: February 13, 2009

by Ethan Alter

The Caller

Directed by Richard Ledes
Starring Frank Langella, Elliot Gould, Laura Harring

Frank Langella and Elliott Gould in "The Caller"
Frank Langella and Elliott Gould in "The Caller"

I’d like to tell you what the indie thriller The Caller, starring current Oscar nominee Frank Langella and one-time superstar Elliot Gould, was about, but honestly this low-key film is so low-key, it almost put me to sleep.  Langella plays some kind of executive turned whistle blower, whose efforts to expose a corporation’s dark secrets make him a marked man.  So he secretly enlists the services of a private eye (Gould) to spy on him, although he doesn’t inform the P.I. that his employer and his subject are the same man.  It eventually emerges that Langella has a very specific reason for hiring Gould, one that dates back to childhood.  By the time their connection is revealed though, many viewers will probably have tuned out.  Much like The International, The Caller aspires to be a thinking person’s thriller, but forgets to include any actual thrills.

Verdict: Skip It


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