The Monster Squad – DVD DEBUT

If You Have a Monster Problem You Know Who To Call…..

Finally the original 70’s NBC Saturday Morning TV series has been released onto DVD for the first time ever!  Big nostalgia program for anybody who grew up watching this short lived series.  The show starred Fredy Grandy (“The Love Boat”) and was produced by the same team that brought you the classic Batman series. And the show is as quintessential as 70’s programming can get — let the memories begin!

Walt (Fredy Gandy) is a criminology student working as a night watchman in a wax museum.  To pass the time, Walt builds a prototype “Crime Computer” in a mummy case, which happens to be next to an exhibit of monsters.  Walt plugs his Crime Computer and accidentally brings Dracula, the Werewolf, and Frank N.Stein to life!  Weird, I know, but still pretty entertaining!  But after being feared for centuries, these monsters decide to redeem themselves by fighting crime….kinda like the A-team but in costumes!  Walt sends them out, while he stays behind to monitor everything on his computer and the monsters kick butt. They use their individual abilities against super-villains and together they become The Monster Squad!

There you have it, it sounds a bit far fetched, but somehow it works, and is really quite entertaining.  Sure, it’s geared towards kids, but so are most crime fighting monster teams!  This brings back some good memories of me waking up super early every weekend and blasting the TV, waking up my parents and sister.  The DVD comes in a 2-disc set (13 episodes) and features the complete collection.  Good job to Virgil Films and Fabulous Films for bringing back my childhood memories.

For those of you who need a little more visual, check out the trailer below.  And also check out Virgil Films website to purchase the DVD.


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