New additions are coming to the blog.

In efforts to help promote local businesses in Brooklyn, I’m dedicating Fridays to “BK Bizzies of the week”, where I will be posting info about new and old local businesses.

Working in publicity, I get to promote some great events, and one of my favorite parts of the job. So I’ll be posting new events a couple times a week, including events I am both involved with and those that I’m not but are pretty cool.

“Humpday Highlights” will include weekly postings of one or more favorite random product, movie, DVD, book, CD, video, clothing, or website of the week. Anything goes in this section on Wednesdays, so be on the lookout!

Because I actually care about the environment, and want a greener life for all, I’ll dedicate “Green Thursdays” to an eco-friendly organization, website, persona, or product. Anything environmentally friendly, or well-being will be the topic of the day!

So there you go…if you would like to send me a suggestion, feel free to send info/press release to: mojitosundays {at} gmail . com


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