Green Thursdays – 7/16

  • Living in Brooklyn doesn’t mean we can’t get fresh, organic fruits & veggies from local farmers…it means we have to bring granny carts and avoid subways!  The entire list of the closest and local farmer’s market in Brooklyn are listed (with contact info) on this site, bookmark it!  NY Farmer’s Markets
  • New Yorkers have another option besides the evil million-dollar man, Bloomberg for Mayor.  The Green Party has nominated Reverend Billy Talen for mayor of NYC and he may be the best candidate we’ve had so far.  Read all about his campaign and his “Rise of the 500 Neighborhoods” at — and then become his fan on facebook, follow him on twitter, and vote for him!  You can even visit him at his headquarters to get more info!
  • For those of you who missed the Mount Rushmore Banner Stunt by Greenpeace climbers….check out the activists behind-the-scenes footage here.  Pretty Cool stuff!  Ecorazzi 
  • plantagon-1Another cool development:  Plantagon Develops Vertical Farm that can go anywhere!  via TreeHugger
  • If you haven’t checked out the film, Food Inc., yet….you should!  The documentary uncovers the way our government poorly controls our food, regulations and unhealthy farms.  Organic food helps Americans stay healthy, safer for our children, reduces diabetes and overweight problems in our country, and helps sustain local economy.  Everyone wins!  Except the government and places like (evil) Wal-Mart who are all going to hell anyway (insert evil laugh).  Robert Kenner’s documentary is HIGHLY important, and even Chipotle Restaurant offered free screenings in NYC.  If you haven’t seen it yet…you SHOULD.  check out the trailer here:

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