Indie Film Spotlight – PARTING WORDS

I love watching independent films that impress me far more than Hollywood’s billion dollar films composed mostly of their post production visual effects. PARTING WORDS is definitely one of those great films that speaks to you with great writing, acting, directing, cinematography, and soundtrack. You may have seen this film on WNET’s Reel 13, or heard the Director, Stan Schofield, on The Lionel Show, maybe you’ve even seen it during the Long Island Film Festival in 2008, and if you have not, then you should.

Stan Schofield’s film PARTING WORDS follows the dysfunctional relationship of Vince, Nick and Eddie, three 30-year old men and their childhood best friend, Laura. A little too good-looking and a lot too wild, an intoxicated Laura gets the pot boiling with a shocking toast at her friends’ wedding. The resulting emotional disaster takes the guys, their wives and their small town on a laughter-and-tears journey that dismantles, then reassembles each couple and takes them to a place far better than where they began.

The film reminds me a little bit of “St. Elmo’s Fire” relating to the closeness of their friendships in a small town. Schofield really connects with these characters and it shows with such great cinematic elements. His first film, “Cost of Living” starred Edie Falco andwon Best Feature at the 1999 AFI Fest. PARTING WORDS is currently streaming online at WNET’s website but you can watch the trailer below:

PARTING WORDS – Feature Film by Stan Schofield from MSophia Cortes on Vimeo.



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