Sweet French Treat and Giveaway!

The irresistibly French romantic-comedy that has everyone observing innocent desires is coming to DVD, and Music Box Films is giving away some free DVDs to couples this February!

And Facebook Fans are getting a chance to win a copy – by telling them your love story!!

It is without question that the French are the masters of romanticism, and this February home viewing audiences will be swept away with this succulent French treat.  Director Emmanuel Mouret’s critically acclaimed film SHALL WE KISS?, starring Virginie Ledoyen (THE BEACH, A SINGLE GIRL), has captivated audiences with its complicated love story mixed with elements of dangerous liaisons.  Mouret’s alluring film begins with a seemingly innocent proposal of a goodnight kiss, and then examines the unexpectedly significant consequences that can arise from a simple act of adoration.  The New York Times hailed the film as “A sexy, quintessentially French delicacy.”  The romantic-comedy SHALL WE KISS? will be released on DVD by Music Box Films on February 23, 2010.

In Woody Allen fashion, Director Emmanuel Mouret stars in his film as the hopeless teacher longing for the intimacy found in a kiss, and as an unanticipated relationship unfolds, he realizes there may be no such thing as a harmless kiss.  Along with the film, Mouret has received accolades within the film circuit, comparing him to both Allen and Eric Rohmer.

Wry, observant and touching, SHALL WE KISS? is a very contemporary meditation on the myriad implications of a simple kiss.  When Gabriel and Emilie meet by chance, he offers her a ride and they spend the evening talking, laughing and getting along famously.  At the end of the night, Emilie declines Gabriel’s offer of “a kiss without consequences.”  Emilie admonishes him that the kiss could have unexpected consequences, and tells him a story, unfolding in flashbacks, about the impossibility of indulging your desires without affecting someone else’s life.

Become a fan on their Facebook page – tell them your story and win a DVD.  Just search SHALL WE KISS? on facebook and you could win a DVD to watch with your beau!



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