Humpday Highlights 2/17/10

So I’m off by a day on the highlights, but still here we go.  Today I’m taking a look at a film called From Mexico With Love starring which stars, Kuno Becker (from all of the Goal! films).  This is an action-packed, powerful drama with a heart-wrenching tale of a young migrant boy who struggles to survive in a town filled with rich gringos.  It’s a gritty, feel-good film with familiar elements, that people fall in love with!  Variety called it, “An inspiring tale”, while Austin Chronicle says the film, “mixes cultures (and film genres) with an eye toward knocking down borders both cultural and contemporary” and was called, “A modern-day Rocky” by E Latino Weekly. The power behind this young man’s ambition, pride, and struggle is touching and heartwarming, and his drive to succeed for himself and his family is incredibly inspirational.  Something most of us can relate to — From Mexico With Love reaches into the heart and soul within any family from any culture, but take it from me, read the other reviews!

The DVD was featured in this week’s People En Espanol online, is drooling over Kuno’s yummy factor, and

AOL Latino gets down with the DVD love this week!

Other mentions and reviews found elsewhere include:


Cleveland Plain Dealer

Pittsburg Tribune-Review




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