Eleanor Bergstein on Dirty Dancing (via Genders Across Borders)

I’ve always loved Dirty Dancing, but not many people realize there is much more to the film than just a girl who falls in love.  If you look really closely, you’ll see a film about social class, liberalism, women’s rights, and a serious tone of Feminism.  This young coming-of-age girl doesn’t just change herself because of love, she changes the world around her.  And that is why I’ll always love the film, Eleanor Bergstein, and this article from Genders Across Borders.

Check out their interview with the one and only Eleanor Bergstein and what’s really behind everyone’s favorite character, “Baby.”

And don’t forget that Lionsgate just released Dirty Dancing: The Limited Keepsake Edition which features over an hour of brand new bonus features, and now available on Blu-ray.  Available now on Amazon.com


An Interview with Eleanor Bergstein: OnDirty Dancing, Feminism and the Film Industry

by Carrie Polansky

"Dirty Dancing"
Dirty Dancing

I should also mention that you MUST check out Jezebel.com’s interview

“Dirty Dancing Is The Greatest Movie Of All Time”

-By Irin Carmon

and HelloLadies.com interview

“Sex and The City No Match for Dirty Dancing”



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