Good Finds at Shecky’s ‘Girls Night Out’


From Shecky’s Girls Night Out – NYC – Summer 2010 Event

I really enjoy Shecky’s annual shopping galas, they always show up when I’m stressed out with life and work.  And being in NY, every day is stressful – so it’s a win-win!  This year they changed locations and had fewer vendors on the floor, but overall it still does the trick.  In order to avoid the ridiculous line, I would advise to first go out for drinks with the gals and show up fashionably late.

I can always count on some great great finds from emerging designers who actually design, create, and produce their own line.  Whether you are looking for jewelry, handbags, clothes, shoes, or body scrubs, a few hours at their event and you can take care of your shopping – plus any upcoming birthday gifts for your friends.  If you have been there before, you know the deal, in and out, make a deal and grab it before anyone else.  If you haven’t been there before, just be warned that it’s like a shopping spree at Target – you have one item on your mind and leave with 20 extra things you don’t need but must have.

Here’s what I found this year:

Over The Moon Jewel

Over The Moon Jewel – handcrafted artisan Jewelry with some really cute necklaces, bracelets, earrings, you name it.  Barbara Wilkinson is the designer and she can usually be found at the Young Designers Market (268 Mulberry St), which is opened to public on the weekends.  I love that market and so glad she found her way to Shecky’s.  I got a great necklace there and fell in love with the piece. The ladies also pointed out that you can get a better price at the market, so I suggest you check out her website first, and then catch her at the market for a better deal!


AmAgnes Designs – I found a great handbag, big enough for all of my busy workday essentials, and for a bargain price!  Her line is fashionable, sassy, and great for day or night.  You can check out her online lookbook for more at

I’m a sucker for body butter, lotions and body scrubs – the smell, the touch, and the feel.  The mixture just makes me want to put on some Sade, crack open a bottle of wine, light some candles, and do some drunk dialing.  So when I ran into the ladies behind Scentual Experience….. it was like heaven on earth.  I immediately fell in love with the Caribbean Ginger lotion and the Brown Sugar body scrub.  Oh holy hell, they are fantastic!  You just need to feel them for yourself because words can not explain.  I highly recommended them and making them my favorite *Shecky’s Find O’ the day!  Check out their online store.

Scentual Experience

And of course it wouldn’t be a Shecky’s Night Out without some skin, and found some nekked boys that put a smile on every girl’s face that night.  Just check out this lady’s grin!!

Shecky's Girls Night Out NYC Summer 2010

Make sure you grab your girls and head on over this week in NYC in Soho…and if you can’t make it this week you can check them out in the Hamptons next month!  Check out my previous post for more info.

‘Till next time chicas…over and out!



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