Super Sizing Anniversary

"Super Size Me" (Virgil Films)

I’m kinda excited about this one…it’s the very smart doc that put McDonald’s on blast with their contribution to our country’s obesity issue.  Academy award-nominee, Morgan Spurlock practically forced the food chain to start carrying water, salads, and healthier choices on their menu.  Now he’s reminding us why we should stay away from all fast-food restaurants, with the return of one of the most talk about documentaries ever made.  Super Size Me (2004) returns with a brand new Special Edition DVD adorned with new bonus features including “The 10 Most Asked Questions About The Film” and “A Morgan Spurlock speaking engagement and Q&A w/students at New Jersey’s Rider College.”

The “anti-junk-food screed that manages to entertain even as it informs and alarms” (The Washington Post) mesmerized audiences as Morgan documented his 3-meal diet of McDonald’s for a period of 30 super-sizing days.  The results were more frightening than opening the lid off a rabbit-boiling pot.  Not only did  Spurlock gain weight, but his mind, body, and spirit was morbidly affected.

The DVD drops September 28th, and my parents, nephews, and cousins should all expect a copy in the mail!

You can check out Virgil Films site for more information and watch the special message from Morgan himself!



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