Restaurant Week – Rosa Mexicano

Restaurant week is almost over but is extended throughout the first week of September, and with that comes a playground of delectable dishes!  Maritsa and I were starving by 10:35am so of course we started looking for lunch options by 11:30am.  But alas, there weren’t too many exciting choices for us in Brooklyn, so off to the F train we went when we read Rosa Mexicano’s lunch menu!  You can’t go wrong with an amazing Mexican restaurant known for their savory dishes and incredible guacamole!

Now one would usually expect smaller plate portions than average days, but I was pleasantly surprised that Rosa Mexicano (Union Square) exceeded our expectations – and was well worth the trip in the rain, even with a hole in my rainboots!

Being in a Mexican restaurant, our rating is based on a scale of 5 tequila shots – patron please, never house.

We both ordered margaritas on the rocks – because we can’t walk into a Mexican restaurant and not order margaritas.  After a looooong first sip, the big debate for us began with the glass.  Being in the restaurant business, Maritsa withholds the golden rules of cocktail glasses.  While frozen margaritas are served in margarita glasses, cocktails on the rocks are served in a whiskey glass.  That is what she calls “part of the rules” – with a raised eyebrow.  Well I call shenanigans on the whole rules and eyebrow lingo!  I prefer a margarita glass and I think I deserve that option – dammit!!

But I digress.

Maritsa ordered the chicken floutas for her appetizers and was completely happy.  Not only did she find the dish savory, but she also appreciated the different sauces on each of the two flautas.  The chicken was filled with intense flavor while the outside shell was crispy enough to present a pleasant contrast.  The presentation was great, the food tasted amazing and the portion was pretty big.  Next, she chose the steak tacos for her main dish, and while we were both impressed by the fabulous presentation, the beef played the starring role! It was tender, juicy, and packed with flavor.  I caught her with her mouth closed as she slowly chewed her food right before she gave a loud ‘mmmmmmmmhmmmm’ sound.  She put it best when she said “the flavor just lingers in your mouth” – so I’ll just leave it at that!  For dessert, she chose the hazelnut cupcake, which we found to be a bit dry but still enjoyable as it sort of grew on us. (see pic below)

Maritsa’s review:

Appetizer – 5 out of 5 tequila shots

Lunch – 5 out of 5 tequila shots

Dessert – 4 out of 5 tequila shots

I chose the chips and guacamole and was, as always, outstanding.  For my lunch dish, I ordered the chicken quesadillas, and was surprisingly impressed by them.  The chicken was seasoned, while the cheese danced in your mouth and the peppers and guacamole added even more flavor to your taste buds.  It seems so simple, but every element was formulated perfectly for the flavorful feast that I found quite lovely.  As for dessert, the cheesecake was half of the cherry on top.  Laying on a puddle of dulce de leche and adorned with bits of apples and syrup, the combination, at first, was incredible.  However after a few bites, I grew sick of the syrup and found myself eating the cheesecake by itself.  It may have been overdone just a little.  (see pic below)

All in all – we thought our lunch choice was right on.  Rosa Mexicano, you gave us a bit of sunshine on this dreary NY day.  Thanks for that!

Margarita’s review:

Appetizers – 5 out of 5 tequila shots

Lunch – 4 out of 5 tequila shots

Dessert – 3 out of 5 tequila shots

Lunches start at $24, during restaurant week, while dinners begin at $35.  For a full list of restaurants including lunch and dinner options, you can visit



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