The Names of Love on DVD October 18th


The Names of Love will be available on DVD, Video on Demand and Digital Download On October 18th by Music Box Films

Baya is a VERY eccentric girl who sleeps with “right-winged” politicians in order to get them to support her political causes.  She takes the slogan “make love, not war” and runs with it……literally! She seems pretty ok with this…..that is until she meets Arthur Martin, a middle-aged scientist with tech saavy Jewish parents,whose at a crossroads in life.

Sparks fly between Baya and Arthur as they have deep conversation about everything from French politics, Jewish and Arabic stereotypes, and French culture.

The Names of Loves has been deemed “Wildly Funny’ by The New York Times, and  The Wall Street Journal raved “A sharp-witted sometimes surreal comedy”, while The Hollywood Reporter hailed, “A delightful, sexy, and often audacious crowd pleaser.”

Although I’m not a big fan of romantic comedies, The Names of Love had me laughing out loud and left me feeling that Sara Forestier deserved to win a Cesar Award for Best Actress for her portrayal of Baya Benmahmoud. Sara Forestier and Jacques Gamblin play off each other well, and it shows all throughout the film.


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