Indie Pick of the Week

Twelve Thirty

From the director of Flannel Pajamas , Jeff Lipsky presents viewers with another thought-provoking film, giving the audience an opportunity to enjoy independent cinema at its fullest.  While the Director plays outside of the box, so does the cast including Fox TV’s “Glee“‘s Jonathan Groff, Portia Rieners, Karen Young, and Reed Birney.  The ensemble cast shines in a sophisticated drama about sexual exploration in a multi-faceted web of relationships.

Aside from the controversy over the very enticing, full-frontal nudity on behalf of Jonathan Groff – viewers also get to see a side of Groff in a different light (so to speak) with much depth and finesse.  Groff plays a character much different from Glee and in doing so, he shows off his artfulness and tenacity.  The collaboration between the highly talented cast and no-holds-barred Director in Twelve Thirty is definitely something to be seen and appreciated in a world filled with empty Hollywood scripts with big budgets.

The film described by The Los Angeles Times as it,  “gradually draws the viewer into its thrall and builds to an unpredictable but effective climax” is now available on DVD by Virgil Films & Entertainment.  So while many of you may have missed the very limited theatrical release, you can watch on DVD (with bonus features) or download on Amazon, iTunes, or order on Netflix now.

Director Jeff Lipsky


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