Speaking of the International Best Selling Trilogy…..

Just last week, the film series “Millennium” took home the award for “Best TV Movie Mini Series” at the International Emmy’s in New York.  Millennium producer, SorenStaermose, was on hand to accept the award and exclaimed,   “We will jump off the roof with this beautiful (statue) and hit every man who still hates women” as he accepted the award for the films. You can read the list of winners in this Hollywood Reporter article.

                Now for the first time, the award-winning “Millennium Series” is available in the U.S, via the DVD and Blu-ray box set of Dragon Tattoo Trilogy: Extended Edition.  “This final version is a must-see for Dragon Tattoo and Lisbeth Salander fans in the US” (Blu-ray.com) The nine-hour edition of the internationally acclaimed Stieg Larsson trilogy includes more than two hours of never-before-seen footage and scenes that were not shown in theaters, including characters and plot developments not seen in any of the three films.

         Not only is Dragon Tattoo Trilogy: Extended Edition coming off of an award-winning weekend, it comes out just weeks before David Fincher’s American adaptation. H&M stores have even fallen to the hype, emulating “Lisbeth Salander’s” bad-ass style with their new The Dragon Tattoo for H&M line. Just this week,  David Denby’s embargo situation , has sparked a serious battle with studio heads, (not to mention being banned him from future Fincher screenings), and makes us question his motivation was to ride the Trilogy trail and sell more magazines.

        “The story is fantastically told, the direction is spot on, and it features some great performances” says Home Theater Forum. This trilogy boxed set has received rave reviews from Entertainment Weekly, ETonline, Twitchfilm, AintitCool News, and has been hailed as “the way to experience this trilogy” by DVDFile.com.


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