Henry Rollins Narrates Last Fast Ride

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Henry Rollins Narrates ‘Last Fast Ride’

A Turbulent Story of Punk Legend Marian Anderson

Marian Anderson penetrated the San Francisco’s underground punk scene in the early 90’s where she pushed the limits with tawdry acts on stage.  After fronting various punk bands, Marian and Daniel deLeon formed an all girl hard core punk band, ‘The Insaints’ – and so began the demise of her intense tumultuous path.

On stage, people knew her as a wild-child who fell into a life of drugs, prostitution, mental illness, and arrests. Behind the controversy, provocative acts, and addiction, lay a visionary artist who found comfort only in music.  There was much more to Marian Anderson than sex, drugs, and punk rock.

Last Fast Ride: The Life, Love, and Death of a Punk Goddess is a cautionary tale of a beautiful soul born into a life of torment and tragedy.  Blended with interviews, photos, and archival footage, the absorbing documentary features pop culture icon Henry Rollins, Rancid’s Tim Armstrong, Daniel deLeon, Danielle Santos Bernal, and more.

Working closely with Anderson’s partner, Danielle Santos Bernal, filmmaker Lilly Scourtis Ayers presents a carefully constructed tribute to the legendary punk rocker.  “Marian lived each moment fearlessly, as though it were her last.” said Ayers. “She was extremely well loved by her friends. She was described as generous, sweet and kind. I hope I have shed light on a very complicated person.”

Generated by an abusive childhood, Marian channeled her pain while writing songs that encompassed feminism, and female empowerment. The stage was her only escape and it provided a sense of freedom, thereby causing more dilemma, as she often performed topless and indulged in lewd sexual acts leading to headlines, arrests, and court cases. Although she is best known as a provocateur, Marian Anderson’s brief moment in music history helped paved the way forfemale rockers to come.  Last Fast Ride is her story.

The DVD comes out Tuesday, Feb 21st and is available on pre-order at Amazon.


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