German Fashionista Actress Hannah Herzsprung

Behind the fashion and the rich ménage-a-trois period film, Beloved Sisters

-by Margarita

Hannah Herzsprung’s film credentials are quite dramatic and eclectic, ranging from the sci-fi horror film, Hell (2011) to the Academy Award-winning drama, The Reader (2008) and most recently, the stunning rich period film, BELOVED SISTERS.


It says a lot about Herzsprung to be able to play a variety of characters with effort and grace. If you’ve seen any of her films, you understand how her elegant onscreen presence demands attention in the most charming manner.

While Hanna has been featured in numerous fashion magazines, including Vogue Germany for her iconic fashion sense, she also served on the jury at the Berlin Film Festival and received a German Television Award.

As the famed daughter of German fashion designer, Barbara Engel and notable actor, Bernd Herzsprung, she was obviously destined for an intertwining life between fashion and film.

Her latest role in the German’s official 2014 Oscar submitted film, BELOVED SISTERS, once again highlights Hannah’s versatility and precision.


From acclaimed director, Dominik Graf, BELOVED SISTERS is a stunning rich period film set during the Age of Enlightenment based on the rumored ménage-a-trois between Weimar-era sisters Caroline and Charlotte von Lengefeld and celebrated German poet, Friederich Schiller

Herzsprung plays older sister Caroline von Beulwitz, who seeks an escape from a loveless marriage and independence to realize her aspirations of becoming a writer. A quite strong and feminist character, if you ask me. Somehow the sisters knowingly and enthusiastically enter into a relationship with the poet, without concern — how very modern of them.

Although the film’s story surrounds this unconventional love triangle, there are many interwoven pieces layered within this romantic tale.

There is also this very light shadow that creeps in ever so nonchalantly in the not-so-presence of Goethe, which amplifies the film’s elements of love, inspiration, passion and poetry.


If you haven’t yet watched BELOVED SISTERS yet, add it to your playlist, it may surprise you. It’s available now on VOD, so check it out and you too will be placed under Hannah Herzsprung’s mesmerizing trance.


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