‘Major Crimes’ Season Opener Will Feature Roberta Bassin

Set your TV for the season opening of TNT’s “Major Crimes” this Monday, June 8

Actress Roberta E. Bassin, known for cult favorite ‘Barfly’ and Clint Eastwood’s ‘J. Edgar,’ will appear in TNT’s “Major Crimes.” In its fourth season, the show follows the criminal cases investigated by Capt. Sharon Raydor, played by Mary McDonnell, and her team of elite detectives with the Los Angeles Police Department.
 “I’m very excited about my role in this fantastic series,” Bassin said. “Unfortunately, I can’t say anything about my character or the episode until after it airs, but it’s truly a treat to work with such a talented group of people. I think fans are really going to enjoy this episode.”
Bassin’s role comes after she completed work on the upcoming film “The Petal Pushers” by acclaimed producer Bob Torrance. The film stars Kaitlyn Black of the CW’s “The Heart of Dixie.”  Bassin is also set to be in Showtime’s crime drama “Ray Donovan,” starring Liev Schreiber as a “fixer” who makes people’s problems go away for a price. The episode is set to air later this summer.
     Bassin also continues to perform in her much acclaimed one-woman show “Amelia Earhart: In Her Own Words” where she portrays the legendary aviator who was lost while flying over the central Pacific Ocean, halfway between Hawaii and Australia in 1937.

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