The Darcy in All of Us in This is Nowhere

Director Heidi Philipsen shares the Darcey in all of us, coming in 2016 “This is Nowhere”


Immigrant Women: Screening Series Continues in March

Immigrant Women: Sharing Our Voice Thru Film is an exclusive screening series created to highlight and promote NYC immigrant stories made by women filmmakers.

Henry Rollins Narrates Last Fast Ride

Indie Pick of The Week Henry Rollins Narrates ‘Last Fast Ride’ A Turbulent Story of Punk Legend Marian Anderson Marian Anderson penetrated the San Francisco’s underground punk scene in the early 90’s where she pushed the limits with tawdry acts on stage.  After fronting various punk bands, Marian and Daniel deLeon formed an all girl hard core punk band, ‘The Insaints’ […]

Dragon Tattoo Trilogy: Extended Edition on DVD November 22nd

Dragon Tattoo: Extended Edition(The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl who Played with Fire, and The Girl who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest) will be available on DVD and Blu-Ray November 22nd from Music Box Films. The 4-disc box set will feature an extended version of all 3 films with notable subplots, Staying true to Larsson’s novels. There […]

VIVA RIVA written and directed by Djo Tunda Wa Munga Now on DVD

Winner! MTV Movie Awards “Best African Movie” “A slick, exciting crime thriller, dripping with atmosphere.” – Chicago Sun-Times The 6-time African Academy Award winning film from the Democratic Republic of Congo, noted as “One of the best Neo-Noirs in recent memory!” by Time Out NY, is now available on DVD and VOD featuring bonus features […]

Enchanted with “Incantato”

The one good thing about a crazy slow wintry storm is that it gives me time to watch some of my favorite indies and drift away into a dimension of golden cinema.  In a rare romantic mode, I popped in one of my favorite Italian love stories, “Incantato” by Pupi Avati.  This charmingly poignant film not only keeps me in love with old-school romanticism, but also with Directors who are actually passionate about cinema.  Avati delivers an elegant story in operatic fashion, undoubtedly earning him his Italian Academy Award for ‘Best Director’.  Set in the 1920’s of Italy (Rome & Bologna), “Incantato” tells the story of a shy but gentle Latin professor (Nello) who is desperately seeking a wife, not only for himself, but also to suffice his overbearing parents.

As the son of the Pope’s personal tailor, Nello feels the stress of being pushed into the family business and immediately start a family in order to keep the tradition going.  Although Nello is timid and submissive, he has an outstanding passion for latin poems and novels, and a hidden romantic side of him dying to come forth.  After his roommate tries to set him up on a few meet-cutes that do not pan out, Nello stumbles upon what seems to be love at first site with the seductive, Angela.  As chance would have it, Angela is left blind after a horrific accident, yet she remains to turn heads while still completely in love with the boyfriend who left her following her new found disability.  After a series of charming, funny, romantic and heartfelt events, Avati seduces viewers with an incredibly delightful picture that is absolutely captivating.

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Indie Film Spotlight – PARTING WORDS

I love watching independent films that impress me far more than Hollywood’s billion dollar films composed mostly of their post production visual effects. PARTING WORDS is definitely one of those great films that speaks to you with great writing, acting, directing, cinematography, and soundtrack. You may have seen this film on WNET’s Reel 13, or […]