Film Review: Indie Mockumentary ‘The Walkaround’ Strikes a Chord

Reminiscent of “This is Spinal Tap,” and “Best in Show,” Jonathan Bray’s new indie film “The Walkaround” is an entertaining satire that brings the laughs much like the aforementioned predecessors.


Humpday Highlights – 3/31/10

Today’s humday highlights is dedicated to the French film, Seraphine, starring the award-winning Yolande Moreau.  The film that took home 7 CÉSAR Awards, including Best Picture and Best Actress, is available now on DVD by Music Box Films. Both the film and its lead actress received tremendous accolades within the press and industry.  The Los […]

Sweet French Treat and Giveaway!

The irresistibly French romantic-comedy that has everyone observing innocent desires is coming to DVD, and Music Box Films is giving away some free DVDs to couples this February! And Facebook Fans are getting a chance to win a copy – by telling them your love story!! It is without question that the French are the […]

Enchanted with “Incantato”

The one good thing about a crazy slow wintry storm is that it gives me time to watch some of my favorite indies and drift away into a dimension of golden cinema.  In a rare romantic mode, I popped in one of my favorite Italian love stories, “Incantato” by Pupi Avati.  This charmingly poignant film not only keeps me in love with old-school romanticism, but also with Directors who are actually passionate about cinema.  Avati delivers an elegant story in operatic fashion, undoubtedly earning him his Italian Academy Award for ‘Best Director’.  Set in the 1920’s of Italy (Rome & Bologna), “Incantato” tells the story of a shy but gentle Latin professor (Nello) who is desperately seeking a wife, not only for himself, but also to suffice his overbearing parents.

As the son of the Pope’s personal tailor, Nello feels the stress of being pushed into the family business and immediately start a family in order to keep the tradition going.  Although Nello is timid and submissive, he has an outstanding passion for latin poems and novels, and a hidden romantic side of him dying to come forth.  After his roommate tries to set him up on a few meet-cutes that do not pan out, Nello stumbles upon what seems to be love at first site with the seductive, Angela.  As chance would have it, Angela is left blind after a horrific accident, yet she remains to turn heads while still completely in love with the boyfriend who left her following her new found disability.  After a series of charming, funny, romantic and heartfelt events, Avati seduces viewers with an incredibly delightful picture that is absolutely captivating.

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Film Critic A.O. Scott Announces Gotham Indie Film Awards

New York Times film critic A.O. Scott hosted a live webcast today announcing the nominations for the 19th annual Gotham Independent Film. Nominations in six categories were announced including: Best Feature, Best Documentary, Breakthrough Director, Breakthrough Actor, Best Ensemble Performance and Best Film Not Playing at a Theater Near You. IFP’s Gotham Awards will be held on […]