Grumpy Swedish Man Advances to Oscar Shortlist

A MAN CALLED OVE IS THE NUMBER ONE FOREIGN LANGUAGE ARTHOUSE RELEASE OF THE YEAR A Man Called Ove, Sweden’s most successful domestic film of all time, is now this year’s top grossing foreign language arthouse film in the U.S. with over 200 engagements in all major markets and a projected box office of over […]

Summer Cinema Wrap-Up

From Bats to Cats to Horses and More: There’s something for everyone this summer but we’ve narrowed down the ‘Hit and Misses’ of the summer so far.

By Spencer Althouse

If you’re looking to escape the summer’s heat and spend $13 for two hours of air conditioning, Dark Horse might be worth your time and money.  Other than that, I still don’t get it.

If writer-director Todd Solondz (Happiness) conspired to construct a film of unlikable characters and an incomprehensible plotline, he surely succeeded.  I fear, however, that this was not his initial intention.

This dark comedy stars Selma Blair and newcomer Jordan Gelber as two unfitting people who, out of self-pity and a fear of being single forever, force themselves to wed.  Any sign of a personal connection between the characters is lost due to mediocre performances by the cast, with the exception of Selma Blaire and onscreen father-in-law Christopher Walken.

If you’re looking for a true comedic experience at the cinema, skip Dark Horseand treat

“Moonrise Kingdom” Focus Features

yourself to the utterly refreshing Moonrise Kingdom, Wes Anderson’s newest stroke of genius.  Out of laughter, cleverness, and – dare I say it – cuteness, this film will compel even the toughest of audiences to smile broadly like lunatics.  Anderson (The Royal Tenenbaums, Fantastic Mr. Fox) extracts award-winning performances from his all-star cast, which includes Bill Murray, Edward Norton, Frances McDormand, and Bruce Willis, to name a few. Continue reading “Summer Cinema Wrap-Up”