The Power and Sex in This French Brothel (TV review)

Set in a lavish brothel in 19th Century Paris, “Maison Close” is an irresistible drama series following the women of โ€œThe Paradise,โ€ an infamous bordello.



By Laurence Lerman STEP ASIDE ANTONIO BANDERAS! MOVE OVER DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS! MAKE WAY FOR INTERNATIONAL SUPERSTAR ALAIN DELON, WHO LEAVES THE LEGENDARY MARK OF โ€˜Zโ€™ AS THE GREATEST SWASHBUCKLER TO SLASH HIS WAY ACROSS THE SILVER SCREEN! International superstar Alain Delon stars as the legendary black-clad masked outlaw hero who defends the weak and innocent […]

TRAILER NEWS: The Hangover 2

It’s finally here, after a little teaser trailer they dangled on the inter-web last month, the FULL trailer for The Hangover 2 is here.ย  We dare you to watch and NOT laugh! The Wolf-pack is back!ย  Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, head to Thailand for Stu’s bachelor party…and when the wake up, all hell […]

DVD of Week: Mesrine Public Enemy

While most you are drooling over the DVD release of Black Swan, you may want to pay particular attention to the critically acclaimed talent of Vincent Cassel. The man is an extraordinary French actor who’s film contributions not only include Black Swan, but also Irreversible, Le Heine, Shrek, Ocean’s 13, and many more.ย  Most recently, he has lit up the screen with his outstanding role in the two-part French gangster film, Mesrine: Killer Instinct and Mesrine: Public Enemy #1.

Cassel plays the role of Jacques Mesrine, in the true story of the last French gangster with a 20-year criminal career in kidnapping, robberies, murders in multiple countries around the globe.ย  Igniting the screen with his spectacular performance, Cassel takes viewers on a very French, non-stop epic ride – one that should not be missed! Continue reading “DVD of Week: Mesrine Public Enemy”

Trailer for Mesrine: Killer Instinct – Coming Soon to DVD

I’m sure many film enthusiasts have already been blown away by the incredible talent of mr. Vincent Cassel – for those who still are not so sure – you will be with MESRINE. ย The two-part film is based on true stories of Jacque Mesrine, one of the last French gangsters with a 20 year rap […]